The Fittest Sport On The Planet

The Fittest Sport On The Planet


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It is an age-old source of debate among athletes, pundits and fans alike. But, after much research, we at Pledge Sports are providing a definitive answer to the almost impossible question: “Which sport is the fittest?”

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It is important to note, by “best fit” we are not only referring to an athlete’s general fitness level, but their all-round ability, fitness, and skill their sport requires.

These may be the fittest sports, but they are the fastest sports

For example, a marathon runner runs 26 miles per event, but a soccer player runs an average of 7 miles per game—including sprints, constant changes of direction, tactical awareness, physically battling opponents, dribbling, and hitting a ball. kicking is involved. Comparing skill sets is an unfair competition.

After much debate, we narrowed it down to 7 games – here are the results:

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To compete at a specific level, players need a well-developed aerobic engine. They cover incredible mileage, run at high speeds without stopping for 90 minutes, perform short bursts of speed, quick changes in direction and perform efficient tasks while moving at high speeds.

The fact that they can burn more than 1,000 calories per game is a clear indicator of the fitness demands of football.

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Tennis combines the power of a runner, the stamina of a marathon runner, and extreme hand-eye coordination at the most elite level.

Crazy fitness is key, often after rallies of 25/30 shots, with recovery times of 20 seconds between points. Even after 4 hours of play, players can serve at speeds in excess of 140 mph, sprint around the court to hold 100 mph + forehand and backhand 20 point rallies

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Boxing can be the ultimate test of physical and mental stamina in the sport. They rely on incredibly quick footwork, the ability to throw precise, powerful punches for 12 three-minute rounds, while trying to avoid punches intended to knock them out by an opponent.

While moving at a constant speed and throwing punches is a drain, the energy from the body doubles once the opponent takes a blow. So, these guys are seriously fit.

best exercise for fitness

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Modern rugby is an era of dynamic all-rounders. Players must be powerful, strong and explosively fast to be successful at the highest level. This is not to mention the stamina required to endure the big tackles and run continuously for 70 minutes.

Players engage in bursts of speed, quick changes of direction and very consistent tackle, carrying an average impact of 25G.

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32789_FLS_W01Nordic skiing (also called cross-country or XC skiing) is a form of skiing, with its roots in Scandinavia.

Nordic skiing is almost unique from any other sport when it comes to the fitness required. Traveling uphill quickly, often using both your arms and legs, makes this a true full-body workout.

According to sports magazine, outside, The highest VO2 max ever recorded is Norwegian Nordic skier Björn Dehli. He recorded a score of 96.0 ml/min/kg!

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melissa-gonzalez-olympic-region-hockey-preview (1)at its highest level, Hockey Sprinting demands a combination of change of direction, tactical awareness and defense.

In the mix the ability to control, dribble, pass and shoot with a hockey stick and the ability required for hockey becomes very clear.

Hockey players have their own fitness standards. For the sake of argument, let’s call it Hockey fit. Hockey is all about short, sharp actions and movements that are done explosively and repeated in 70 minutes and up to 3 times a week!

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A triathlon is a multi-sport event consisting of running, swimming and cycling.

The Ironman Triathlon, regarded by many as the pinnacle of fitness, consists of a 3.8 km swim, 180 km cycled and a 42.2 km run.

A recent study published in the journal pain explained that triathletes experience less pain than your average exerciser.

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