The Fittest Sport – Boxing

The Fittest Sport – Boxing


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It is an age-old source of debate among athletes, pundits and fans alike. But, after much research, we at Pledge Sports are providing a definitive answer to the almost impossible question: “Which sport is the fittest?”

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It is important to note, by “best fit” we are not only referring to an athlete’s general fitness level, but their all-round ability, fitness, and skill their sport requires.

For example, a marathon runner runs 26 miles per event, but a soccer player runs an average of 7 miles per game—including sprints, constant changes of direction, tactical awareness, physically battling opponents, dribbling, and hitting a ball. kicking is involved. Comparing skill sets is an unfair competition.

In our seven-part series on The Fittest Sport, we take each individual sport and provide an in-depth analysis of what makes particular athletes more fit than the rest. We have analyzed:


best sport boxing

Boxing is probably the ultimate test of physical and mental stamina in sports. Furthermore, the skill of boxers at the highest levels is truly astonishing upon closer inspection.

Incredibly quick footwork, the ability to throw accurate, fast and powerful punches for 12 three-minute rounds, as well as trying to avoid punches from an opponent who intends to outsmart you.

While moving at constant speed and punching is to extract energy, any boxer of any level will tell you that the speed at which energy is released from your body doubles after taking a blow from an opponent.

And we’re not talking about your average person landing punches. These are the punches of an elite athlete whose punching power is about ten times that of your average person. scientific American.

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According to healthhealth, “A person weighing 180 pounds will typically burn 243 calories after 30 minutes of punching a heavy bag. The same person can burn 500 calories in 30 minutes Once he had received enough training to enter the boxing ring. “

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In other words, an elite boxer can burn anything up to an excellent 1,000 calories per hour working on the bag. Compare this to some of the highest calorie-burning exercises and you really see the intensity of boxing.

According to stay strongDifferent swimming styles can burn between 585 and 740 calories per hour, while an hour of basketball or soccer typically burns 420 to 710 calories.

We’ve become very familiar with VO2 max throughout this series. It is the gold standard for determining an athlete’s aerobic fitness by measuring their maximum oxygen uptake.

The test specifically tracks the ability of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems to deliver oxygen to working muscles, and the muscles’ ability to use that oxygen to produce energy.

According to a 1967 study by Saltin & Estrand, athletes in endurance sports such as boxing have VO2 max of up to 75 ml. For context, this is similar to a top rider in the Tour de France.

flatlyFrom our research, Jack Flatley was the highest recorded VO2 max we could find. He boasts a very impressive 71 ml, while the average for a professional boxer is closer to 65 ml.

Offensively, a boxer’s greatest asset is how explosive they can be. Like an Olympic sprinter who flies off the block, a top-level boxer must have core strength that allows them to generate incredible power and speed in their punches and movements.

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Explosive punching goes beyond just brute force. Explosiveness comes from large muscle groups – legs, abs, back. In properly leveraging all of these muscles, a boxer’s body can wind up like a coil and then release a ton of power over and over again in a snap-like motion. Boxing has long been known as one of most physically demanding sports out there.

Take a look at this Roy Jones Jr. knockout and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

What do experts say

best sport boxing

Boxers are some of the toughest athletes in this business, but don’t just listen to us for it.

A panel of experts made up of sports scientists from the United States Olympic Committee, academics studying the science of muscle and movement, a star two-sport athlete, and journalists who spend their professional lives watching athletes succeed and fail. did a study. Hardest game.

They scored out of 10 on the athlete’s endurance, speed, strength, power, agility, flexibility, nerves, durability, hand-eye coordination and analytical aptitude (10 being the highest).

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Boxing came out on top, scoring the highest with a score of 72.38 out of 110 of all 60 sports tested and analyzed.

We can’t argue with that result, can we? here is a good guide get started in boxing

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