The Best Foods to Eat After A Workout

The Best Foods to Eat After A Workout


Don’t let all that hard work go to waste! Your post-workout meal should be just as important as your actual workout regime. Consuming the right nutrients after exercising is key to maximizing your body’s recovery. After a workout your body tries to rebuild its glycogen and repair those muscles. Eating the right food immediately after a workout can help your body recover much faster.

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We have compiled a list of the best foods to eat post-workout for you.

1. Eggs


Eggs are important in your diet and we rank them as one of the best foods to eat after a workout. It is very important to have protein and carbohydrates after a workout. The average egg contains 6 grams of protein and is one of the few foods that naturally contain vitamin D. Make sure you include any form of cooked eggs in your diet as they absorb twice the protein as compared to raw eggs.

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2. Quinoa


To up your carb intake, you can have quinoa. It is much better than brown rice as it is rich in vitamins and good nutrients. It contains far more protein and fiber than brown rice. You can add quinoa to all your post-workout meals and it is a great substitute for rice or pasta.

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3. Orange Juice


We know you’ll be thirsty after an intense workout and instead of having a fizzy drink, treat yourself to a glass of vitamin C. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice (avoid juices that have a shelf life and go for fresh natural alternatives) is great for you because it contains all the right nutrients to help you recover. It is also loaded with potassium, which is important because electrolytes help restore fluid levels to our bodies. You can also add orange juice to your post-workout protein shake.

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4. Bananas


You’ll need the right kind of carbs after a workout. They are rich in potassium and fact-acting carbs. Which in turn will help restore your body’s glycogen levels and help your body heal the damaged muscles. You’ll need as much energy as you can after a hardcore workout.

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5. Salmon with Sweet Potatoes


In addition to the usual protein perks, salmon contains bioactive peptides, small protein molecules that play a role in reducing inflammation, helping to regulate insulin levels and giving you joint support. Sweet potatoes pack in those complex carbs as well to help restore glycogen levels, which are depleted after a workout.

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6. Blueberries


Blueberries are one of the best fruits to eat after a workout. They act as a major antioxidant and some studies show that they can triple your rate of recovery after intense workouts. They also make a perfect addition to your oatmeal in the morning.

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7. Whole Grain Pita and Hummus


The ideal meat-free option and makes an easy dish to prepare if you’re extremely tired from your workouts. It is made from slow-release carbs from chickpeas, hummus and pita. This meal will help keep your energy levels up after a tough workout.

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8. Tart Cherries


When you lift heavy objects up and down multiple times, it can cause great stress on the body. To relieve soreness and help your body recover, drink a glass of cherry juice before or after your workout. Cherry juice can significantly reduce the inflammation of your muscles.

9. Dried fruits and nuts


Nuts are the perfect snack if you have some way of traveling after your workout and are in dire need of a meal. You can get a protein and carb fix very quickly in one go. Soya nuts are very useful for building muscle and half a cup contains about 34 grams of protein.

10. Water


It seems obvious to most people, but it is important to consume a couple of liters of water throughout the day. Failure to hydrate yourself is a common exercise mistake. If you want to feel good and look good, you should replace every pound you lose during your workout with 2-3 glasses of water. It is necessary!

According to this study, the caloric content of food before training should be as normal as at other times. It is better to eat a large amount of food (a large portion of salad or soup) an hour or two before a workout so that it can be digested and your stomach is empty. A more intensive meal (half a plate of oatmeal or yogurt) can be eaten 30 minutes (or 1 hour) before a workout.

If you train to build muscle, eat 1 large serving of fruit with a low glycemic index (apple, pear, strawberry or any other berries) with a protein drink (preferably whey protein) 30 minutes before training. The protein count in this cocktail is as follows: 0.22 g (0.008 oz) of whey protein per 1 kg of weight (35.3 oz). For example, if you weigh 68 kg (150 lb), a cocktail (mixed with water) should contain 15 grams (0.53 oz) of protein.

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Do you agree with our list of the best foods to eat after a workout? Or have any other suggestions? If not then let us know!

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