The benefits of a sports massage


The intensity of training, injuries and illnesses of an athlete are very frequent. This means that athletes often have to visit a physiotherapist or masseuse in their daily routine. In this sense, sports massage is often a very good option.

But you don’t need to be a professional to relieve pain from physical exercise, to prepare your body before a tough workout, or to recover after it. So today we will tell you what is sports massage and what are its benefits.

What is a Sports Massage?

A sports massage is a set of massage techniques intended to help athletes with their physical activity before, during, and after exercise. Sports massage aims at improving sports performance, caring for muscles and accelerating recovery after training Sports injuriesWhich is also stopped.

There are many types of sports massage and we will get different benefits depending on the one we choose. There are three main types: pre-competition massage, recovery massage, and maintenance massage.

benefits of sports massage

The benefits of sports massage can be varied and varied depending on our needs and the type of massage we choose. In general, the benefits of sports massage are as follows:

  • raises muscle temperature
  • Prepares muscle for sports activity
  • prevents injuries
  • relaxes muscles
  • Increases blood and lymph circulation
  • reduces muscle pain
  • provides a sense of well-being
  • helps us relax

Let’s see how and in what situations we will get some benefit or the other.

pre competition massage

Pre-competition massage, as we can guess from its name, is performed before intense training or competition to prepare muscles and tissues for this high-intensity exercise. It is a massage that warms the muscle fibers, increases blood circulation, oxygenates and provides flexibility to the muscles.

recovery massage

Recovery massage is performed right after a competition or training session and is aimed at healing tissues after intense exercise, in other words, it is a drainage massage that helps to soothe the muscles. With this type of massage, we manage to accelerate recovery, reduce inflammation, remove metabolic waste, and calm and relax muscles in general.

relaxation exercises before bed

maintenance massage

This massage is part of a regular training routine. For professional sportsmen and women or who regularly engage in high-intensity physical activity, a maintenance massage once a week is recommended.

In this way, injuries are prevented, muscle elasticity is maintained, and in general, sportsmen and women feel better because they get relief from normal training aches and pains, they rest and even feel better. That it also helps them. sleep better.

In short, if a professional physiotherapist massages our muscles before, after, or regularly during sports, the risk of injury is significantly reduced. In other articles we have talked about the importance of incorporating rest days into our sports routine so that our muscles and joints do not get tired and can recover as needed. Similarly, sports massages should also be made a part of the sports routine as they bring us a lot of benefits.

most physically demanding sport

As we have already said, sports massage is not just for professional athletes, beginners can find the formula to not give up in these massages, sports enthusiasts who do physical activity regularly will prevent injuries and pain and Will even help us achieve our sporting goals. . So, if you do sports, are going to take part in a competition, or you want a professional to monitor how your body responds to your exercise… a sports massage is just what you need!

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