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Swimming As An Exercise | Pledge SportsPledge Sports


“30 minutes in a pool is equal to 45 minutes of similar activity on land”

Okay, let’s talk pool time. As an exercise, it is much better than swimming. It’s a sport that gives you the perfect full body workout and it’s low-impact which means it can be done by everyone from young kids to OAPs.

swimming as an exercise

Let’s delve a little deeper into the benefits of swimming as a form of exercise.

easy use

Almost all small towns have a public facility swimming pool. And we are all jealous if you live in a nice climate along the coast!

Given that swimming is a low-impact sport that doesn’t require much fitness or gear, it is accessible to almost everyone. All you need is the ability to swim and some swimwear!

Swimming is also one of the best sports for weight loss

full body workout

Swimming uses all the muscles in your body, from the neck to the legs, and depending on the stroke those muscles can be tested. Even the relaxing back stroke of the butterfly is a full body workout. If you want a more vigorous workout, try self-testing speed with butterfly.

most physically challenging sport

luck and comfort

There’s something very relaxing about being in the water, so no matter what survival issues are stressing you out, swimming regularly can reduce stress levels, reduce anxiety and depression, and improve sleep. The pattern may improve.

mental benefits of exercise

injury exercise

Water supports 90 percent of the body weight. That’s why swimming is a very popular sport for people suffering from sports injuries, or any injuries really. No matter if it’s a shin sprain, tennis elbow, a sprained joint, or even a long-term injury or illness, you can still stay active by swimming.

most common sports injuries

no sweat

Unless you’re trying to swim in a hot shower, you don’t sweat while swimming! Be it the sea or the pool, the water around you is constantly cooling you down. Another plus is that you don’t have to wash any gear after swimming because you’re not sweating or getting dirty (unless you swim in a mud hole!).

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