Summer Health and Fitness with PledgeSports!

Summer Health and Fitness with PledgeSports!


Summer is upon us!

weight loss chocolate

Everyone’s favorite season is here and we want to promote our ethos of health and fitness. There’s no better time to be active than in hot weather and long days and we have everything covered from sports and food to weight loss to fitness and injury. Let’s start by giving you some tips for playing to get fit.

best sports for fitness

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For those who want to change their life and increase their fitness level, we recently did some research on which sport is best to play for all round fitness, most of these sports are fancy equipment. are able to play, just some hard work and dedication will see you on the line and increase your overall fitness.






Cross country skiing (it’s a winter sport for obvious reasons 🙂


Mixed Martial Arts



Here is the full list and the logic behind our thoughts – best sports for fitness

best food for weight loss

chicken breast

With summer approaching everyone wants to get that beach body ready, we all get annoyed by all these perfect pictures on Instagram etc., so why not do something about it! Research shows that eating healthy proteins, healthy fats, and healthy carbs can help slim your belly and support a weight loss program. Our picks of the best foods for weight loss are among the best sources of protein, fiber, and all the other ingredients and nutrients that help fight fat. With the right foods, you’ll be closer to that summer beach body in no time. Here are our choices, and chocolate is on the list, believe it’s not ours! best food for weight loss

best sports for weight loss


That’s why we’ve covered fitness and some diet tips. Now let’s focus on some sports that burn calories and can actively help with weight loss. Most of these are accessible to most and are easy on the body. Here’s a list and calories burned per hour playing them best sports to lose weight

most common sports injuries


Injuries and sports are often linked together, and the more active you are, the more likely you are to suffer one. This blog explains how athletes can prevent these injuries and some of the ways to go along with it. most common sports injuries

Healthy Post Sport/Workout Snacks

Don’t let the hard work go in vain, you have worked hard in your workout and reached your goal. Your post-workout meal should be just as important as your actual workout regime. Consuming the right nutrients after exercising is key to maximizing your body’s recovery. After a workout your body tries to rebuild its glycogen and repair those muscles. Eating the right food immediately after a workout can help your body recover much faster.

Our pick of healthy snacks for a delicious post-workout snack / game

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