Short Handed Poker Strategies

Short Handed Poker Strategies

Short Handed Poker Strategy

When you start playing poker, sooner or later you will desire to be a part of a big poker tournament. But before participating in poker tournaments you should know what kind of poker gaming is it. You can choose between multi-table, single-table, sit & go tournaments, freerolls and so on.

If you want to win an online or live tournament, you must learn to play a Short Handed poker. As everyone could suppose, every type of poker tournaments fits to a different kind of players. Those, who are new in poker prefer participating in single-table events, those who are professional players prefer playing heads up poker part in multi-table tourneys. Short Handed poker is suitable for those players, who like the fast gaming.

At Party Poker, Short Handed poker is a game of poker, in which up to 6 poker players could play at one table. If you decide to play such kind of poker game, you should be ready for very dynamic and aggressive competition, although there are only 6 or less players against you. Short Handed poker has its advantages, which make this game preferred of many players and also very frequently played – it is more dynamic, you won’t spend a whole day waiting to be dealt your cards or someone to act and the best part is that you can win big Poker Strategy of real money. You take a bigger risk when you play Short Handed poker, because you will probably meet many weak players at the table and in the beginning if you don’t know they are really weak, you will lose many chips until you realize that. In spite of all, the action fast, the play is fascinating and at the end of the day the winner will be known.

Short-handed Poker Starting Hands

Of course, there are a lot of differences between the Short Handed and the Ring games. First of all, you should be ready for an aggressive competition, in which players wager almost every hand. The chances someone from 3-4 players to have a great hand fall down, so every player try to bluff and make his opponents fold. The hands that you will play for an hour in a Short Handed poker game are many more – almost triple higher than in ordinary events. As in every poker game or tournament your position is very important, even more important than in a multi-table tournament for example.

Most of the poker players think that in Short Handed poker they can play most of their starting hands. It is true that unplayable hands obviously become good enough to be played and of course in such game, as in every poker game, you must aim to win more pots. If you want to prosper in a Short Handed poker game at Party Poker, you should play as many hands as you can. The most important thing, when you decide whether to play your hand or not, is to consider the strength of your pocket cards. When you play with 5 or less opponents, experiencing tilt in poker cards become more valuable than in a game with 10 or more opponents. In Short Handed poker, the low suited cards as well as the medium cards are less valuable. To act with A/low or K/low is may be the most correct thing you could do. If you can’t make a pair, you still have the chance to steal the pot. If a competitor always calls and bets with low cards, he will soon be eliminated. But if someone raises only with a good hand, be careful with him.

4 Handed Poker Strategy

The success of your play in Short Handed events also depends on the position you have at the table. In such games the importance of your position is greater than in ring events. As this is a very dynamic game and most of your opponents will try to bluff, you should play more hands from a later position. This will increase your chances of winning more important pots. When you have a lot of chips, you should be more aggressive – play more hands and try to overcome all your opponents. It is important to look powerful in every betting round. If you have a good position and a good hand, don’t be afraid to raise.

Unfortunately, all these Short Handed games are preferred of the weak players, because they thing that with a few players their chance for winning is higher. If you learn to recognize who of the other players are weak and who are good ones, you will understand what kind of play you will have.

Because of the reason, that at the table there are only 3, 4 or 5 players, only two of them will see a flop. Those who bets, in most of the cases wins, so you need to bet against your opponents. If the flop comes with high cards, bet and make your opponents fold. It is not necessary to bluff all the time, do it just in the right moments.

As you see, there are different variations of poker games and if the Short Handed poker seems interesting and entertaining to you, just visit Party Poker and examine your luck.

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