Running Man: Jim Gump – 11,000 down, 19,000 Miles To GoPledge Sports

Running Man: Jim Gump – 11,000 down, 19,000 Miles To GoPledge Sports


Setting our mind to something is a part of life, that’s how we achieve goals that lead us to the next step, whatever the step. For some, it may be walking to work rather than taking the bus. For others, it could be a Saturday morning cycle, or a swim in the ocean. However, this does not apply to Jim Gump.Jim Gump 11,000 miles.  passes

Jim Plunkett-Cole (Jim Gump) is a completely different animal in this respect. For days in a row since 1407, Jim has been running, because that’s what he has set his mind on. On November 8, Jim ran his 11,000th mile. An achievement that many of us cannot begin to understand, but still check out his impressive list of achievements.

Jim Gump is currently running 20,000 miles across America, the longest continuous run in history, in an effort to combat obesity in children and inspire the younger generation to become more physically active and healthy.

In Jim’s own words, the Jim Gump project is, “An epic challenge to reach, engage and inspire a generation”.

Amazingly, when Jim finishes his 20,000 races around America he will actually have run a total of 30,000 miles since he began his continuous daily running in January 2013. Believe it or not, Jim regularly runs seven marathons per week.

The size of this achievement, combined with the positive impact that comes with it, is incredible. It’s safe to say that Jim’s record-breaking run so far has been nothing short of inspiring.

As Jim Gump completes “Phase 1” of his run, it’s important to note what he’s accomplished in America over the past seven or so weeks.

Through his Talk and Run school trips, Jim Gump has reached out to and inspired more than 700 school children, many of whom, as Jim notes, helped mom and dad get more active An impressive step has been taken to inform about

Jim’s brilliant work hasn’t gone under the radar either, with many people from every community and city coming out to support him as he passes away. Furthermore, there has been a great deal of media intrigue in the man who is not running for his own life but for the lives of others.Jim Gump on the front page of an American newspaper

Jim Gump has appeared on the front pages of two newspapers, three TV stations, and has appeared in a global publication that Washington Post.

It seems like it’s a matter of setting milestones and Jim just keeps knocking them down. On November 13, after running for 44 days on American soil, Jim hit the 1,000-mile mark. As he treks to Houston, Texas, he prepares for “Phase 2” of his project.

Support Jim Gump in changing the future

Selflessness has become rare in modern times. Nowadays the attention of many people rarely goes beyond themselves. This makes Jim Gump’s efforts even more incredible. This race has taken over Jim’s life and as long as he continues to give his all to make the lives of future generations healthier, this project does not come without a huge cost.Jim Gump talking to a US TV station

Jim Gump has raised just over £3,000 so far, but it is expected that he will need over £20,000 to complete his 20,000 mile run.

With each passing day, Jim Gump’s wealth dwindles. They need the support of the public to see their project and impact the lives of more and more children. Any amount will help keep Jim making history.

To support Jim Gump, please visit his Pledgesports campaign at the following link –

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