Poker Starting Hands

Poker Starting Hands

What Percentage Of Poker Starting Hands Should I Play?

Playing poker is not just fun, but also a mastery. If you want to become a successful player and win many prizes, first of all you should know the rules of this card game. One of the most important parts of poker game is learning how to play your starting hands. If you know which starting hands are bad and which are good, you will have the real chance to become a winning player. 

The starting hands fall into three main groups – good, decent and bad. In the beginning of the game if you have a pair of Aces, you can be almost sure that you will win the hand. This is certainly the strongest starting hand in poker. The second strongest pair you could receive in your starting hand is King-King. Another successful starting hand is Ace-King, but if you want this pair to be fully successful, you should take from the three community cards a pair of Aces or Kings. With two suited Queens you have another good chance to form a strong final hand. If you have Jack-Jack, you must be dealt good community cards in order to improve your hand – two Jacks and an Ace in the board cards make your final hand very high.

Poker Starting Hands Ranking

The combinations of Ace-AceKing-King or Ace-King will give you the opportunity to raise and re-rise before the flop. But if you have Queen-Queen or Jack-Jack your success depends on the first three community cards. Only few Texas Holdem players have the luck to get these strong hands in the beginning of the game. There are other quite strong starting hands, which also give you good chances for winning.

If you get Ace-Queen, in most of the cases you will have a successful play. With such starting hang you have quite good chances for winning, especially when the cards are suited. The combination of Ace-Jack is also good even unsuited, but of course you have better chance to become a winner when the cards are of one suit. When suited, the Kingand the Queen are one of the strongest starting hands. If you hold King and Jack of the same Poker Starting Hands Strategy, this hand’s winning success is about 20%, but if the cards are of different suits the possibility falls. Ace-Ten is also a good starting hand, especially when they are suited.

More difficult the game becomes when you are dealt decent or bad cards. With such starting hand you have to make the hard decision whether to play or fold. If you hold 8-8or 7-79-Jack or 9-10 suited, 8-9 or 7-8 suited, Ace and other card of the same suit, you have a decent starting hand. The most important thing you should do is play them very carefully, because the chance your opponents to hold better cards is very high. In case you have such cards, raise if the community cards can improve you hand. If you are in early and middle position be very attentive with these cards.

Poker Hands To Play

Bad starting hands are very difficult to be played, but such hands instigate you to think more carefully than good cards. You probably know that 2-7 of different suites is the worst combination in the game of poker. If you are dealt such poker starting hands hand the best decision for you is to fold. Another bad combinations are 2-83-82-9 and 2-6 offsuit – it is better not to play when you hold such starting hand.

As you see your chances for winning depends mostly on your starting hand. Even if you are a good poker player, when you are dealt bad cards, you can’t become the winner. So just learn these good and bad starting hands and play when you are sure in your success. A good place to try your playing skills is an online poker room where you will learn which starting hands to play and which to fold.

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