Playing Heads Up Poker

Playing Heads Up Poker

How To Play Heads-up No-Limit Hold’em Poker

Poker has become one of most popular games ever. Some beginners dream about participating in a large poker tournament. If you are a professional poker player you will dream about the next big win. Both dreams could come true with a lot of hard work, training and learning every single rule, winning strategy or tip and practicing the game. And when the moment of your final-table tournament play comes, except all other things, you should know what to do when you remain with only one opponent. 

Heads Up

Heads Up play is determined as a game, in which there are only two players remaining at the table. A bad thing is that you should play more aggressively than ever, because there is only one player who can beat you. The structure of a Heads Up tournament is different from the regular event’s structure. There are three types of Heads Up tournaments – single-elimination, double-elimination and round-robin.

The most easiest Heads Up tournament is the single-elimination one. In the beginning there are 16 poker players, later they decrease to 8, 4 and finally two players remain. If you want to calculate the number of matches that will be played, experiencing tilt in poker the total number of players and subtract one. The other Heads Up tournaments type is the double-elimination. In such event you are eliminated in case you lose all your chips for the second time. So each players can participate in at least two matches. If you want to know how many matches can be played, multiply the number of players by two, and then subtract one. The most difficult is the round-robin Heads Up tournament. In such event each player competes against different Heads up poker and then all of them are ranked by their wins and losses. After the ranking, all competitors play single or double-elimination playoff. Finally the top 8 or 16 players compete in a double-elimination tournament to decide who is the winner.

Heads Up Poker App

Actually there are several tips that you should know when you play in Heads up tournament. First of all, you should know that the starting hands in Head Up play are lower than in a full ring game. In case you have J-7 offsuit, you should be 50% sure about your winning against unknown hand. But if you have J-9, Q-3, or K-2, you should play them even against a small raise. In a Heads Up tournaments as bad cards are considered Ace, any pair, or certain other hands such as K-Q and Q-J suited. If you have two unsuited connectors your chance to win against two unsuited overs is about 38-39%.

During the play you have two ways to win the pot – to show your best hand, or your opponent folds. The best way for you to win is to be very aggressive. Take down a lot of small uncontested pots, because later this will give you bigger opportunity to win. Make it by keeping the pressure on your opponent, do your best to make him fold when it is his turn to play. Always bet, if you have a good cheating in poker. When the other competitor has bet in front of you, raise as if you have a better hand. You should do it often enough to win more pots. You should make your opponent fold more often than you, in order to win most of the pots.

When you already have 75% of the chips, test your opponent with every single pot you win. Even with good hands he won’t dare to call your raise, so you will keep winning the needed chips. As in every poker game, bluffing is one of the most used ways to steal the pot. Poker tells will also help you to predict your opponents future acts. Watch carefully his eyes, his face changings, every muscle of his body.

Heads Up poker play is one of the most easiest and entertaining kinds of poker gaming. So if you want to relax without using too much energy, this is the most suitable game for you.

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