Injury recovery and crowdfunding | Pledge SportsPledge Sports

Injury recovery and crowdfunding | Pledge SportsPledge Sports


Injury is every athlete’s worst nightmare, you can’t train, you can’t compete and if you’re in your countries high performance funding program, you run the risk of being cut. As unfair as it sounds, it actually happens! We have worked with a number of athletes who have had funding cuts due to long-term injuries.

It can also be very tough mentally for an athlete, when you are routine and overly focused, injuries can really throw you out. You’ll have to wait, rest, or risk a worse injury that can be incredibly frustrating.


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mark dry

Recently we have a case of Scottish hammer thrower Mark Dry. An Olympian, Scottish record holder, Commonwealth Games bronze medalist, he was on track to go to the 2016 Olympics in Rio, but in 2015 an undiagnosed hip injury surfaced and did not have time to operate, hence the decision to make the Olympic team Missed chance. .

After Rio 2016, he was told that his funding from the World Class Performance Program was being cut. He had his first hip reconstruction soon thereafter and a British athletics doctor asked him to retire, saying he would never throw competitively again. He missed out on a place at the London 2017 World Championships after surgery. Then in 2017 the silver lining was being selected for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast. He made it to Australia in a poor position but managed to fight for the bronze with determination and did a miracle by securing a bronze medal in the final round.

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Fast forward to today and Mark is out of the hospital after another surgery, he will not be able to work for 6-8 weeks. But that is not stopping Mark, he will be back to training as soon as possible and is 100% focused on making Tokyo 2020.

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crowdfunding in recovery

Mark recently set up a crowdfunding campaign on PledgeSports to help cover the costs and training money to be able to train for this end goal. And she’s getting lots of love!

It can help in a number of different ways.

1. Mark is getting a lot of publicity and has to get this story off his shoulders

2. Capturing the attention of fans and the public which is a huge incentive for any athlete to recover.

3. Raising the all-important money that will help him get back in the game.

Crowdfunding is an option for athletes who want to try and travel fund training whether or not they return from injury, and we look forward to helping many more athletes around the world.

PledgeSports is the global leader in crowdfunding and sponsorship for sports.

Should you or an athlete you know need help getting back into action after surgery or injury, please contact them via, or visit and raise money today Hit “Create a Campaign” to get started!

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