How to Play High Pairs in Poker

How to Play High Pairs in Poker

How To Play Medium Pocket Pairs

Texas Holdem is the most fabulous poker game in the whole world. You can play it whenever you want – with friends, on the Internet, at each land-based poker room. The best thing is that the rules are the same no matter where you prefer to play. This means that if you want to succeed you should use the same strategy. Here we will talk about the top pair play. This will help you to take maximum profit from these premium starting hands, while playing. 

Top pairs are the best starting hands not only in the Limit games and for that reason you should know how to play them. In this way you can put more money in the pot. Taking advantage over your opponents will make you a leading player, who always real money poker games how to play against the others. The proper top pair play gives you a significant advantage in the beginning of the game and should keep this advantage until the end of the game.

Poker Hands

If you are dealt two equal cards on the preflop, you should play them aggressively. For example if you have Ace – Ace you should make a raise no matter of your position. Even if some of the other player make a bet after you, it is recommended to re-raise. In this way you put more money in the pot and make the players with weak cards to fold. If you play against less opponents you have better chances to win even if the board does not improve your Texas Basic Poker Rules hand.

You can create pair not only in the beginning of the Texas Holdem game. For example you are dealt Q – 9 and the Flop comes 9 – 2 – 5 – this is what we call top pair because you actually pair the highest card in the Flop. This hand should be played more carefully. You should consider the strength of your kicker and the possibility for the other gamblers to create a hand, better than yours. Remember that the Flop cards can hide risks for your opponents to create straights or flushes – hands, which are more solid than pair and three-of-a-kind.

When you have Texas Holdem top pair, the most important thing is its strength. If you have Ace – Ace, King – King, Queen – Queen, you should not be afraid to make a bet. But if you are dealt a decent pair such as 99 or 88, pay attention to avoiding mistakes in poker. Such hands are worth to be played against less opponents because you can successfully bluff them. Of course, don’t forget the competition – if there are many raisers, it is better for you to fold because this is a 100% indicator that at least one player has better cards then you. If you are facing against callers, the situation is also complicated because these players will continue calling even if you try to bluff them. As you can see this can have a negative effect on your top pair play.

How To Play Baby Pairs

If you have a pair when all the board cards are on the table there are several things which you can do. First of all you decide whether it is a good idea to play such a hand. This depends mainly on your opponents – if there are many active players, my advice is to fold. But if the board cards do not give the others the opportunity to improve their hand and there are a few players, you can attack the pot. Don’t forget to put into practice this top pair play concept at the best online poker room.

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