How to get started with Yoga

How to get started with Yoga


Do you want to get started with yoga and you don’t know how? This post is written for you! You might have heard about all the benefits that yoga can provide and you are thinking of doing it, but there are common myths about yoga that are giving you away. You need to know that it’s not just for young people or women, you don’t need to be flexible and you don’t have to change your entire lifestyle.

Now you know about it, we must get started!

What is yoga and why should one do it?

Yoga is a practice that improves overall health using physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation. It is a complete exercise that engages the body, breath and mind. Yoga originated in India about 5,000 years ago, but today it is practiced all over the world.

Scientific studies have shown that yoga can reduce stress, relieve anxiety, reduce chronic pain, improve flexibility, balance, coordination and concentration, increase strength, lower your blood pressure. And can lower heart rate, help you sleep better and relieve back pain. Yoga may also have an anti-depressant effect that may help reduce symptoms of depression.

In short, yoga helps you improve your quality of life and overall fitness level.

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What type of yoga should I choose?

There are many types of yoga, so you have to decide which yoga suits you. To help you understand this, you need to know that whatever type you choose, the postures are always the same. It will just change the dynamics of the exercise. Here you have the most popular styles:

  • Hatha Yoga: This is classic and a great exercise for beginners because it focuses on breathing and basic postures.
  • Ashtanga: This type provides a more demanding workout. It emphasizes a particular set of poses.
  • Vinyasa: It is about moving fluidly rather than holding the pose.
  • Iyengar: This style has a strong focus on alignment. It is a challenge physically and mentally.
  • Bikram: This type of exercise is performed in a 40-degree square, performing a set series of 26 poses. The goal is to warm up and stretch the muscles, ligaments and tendons.
  • Restorative yoga: Restorative yoga is the most therapeutic yoga that involves some relaxing poses. If you are looking for relaxation from your yoga class then this is the best type for you.
  • AcroYoga: AcroYoga combines traditional yoga practice with acrobatics. It’s conducted in pairs (so confidence is required) and is perfect if you want to develop flexibility and strength.

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how can i start?

Yoga can be done at home but it is better to learn the asanas and breathing techniques properly, if you are a beginner, start with the class as you will have an experienced instructor to correct your mistakes and make sure you do yoga. Doing the exercises safely. .

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Also, if you have an injury or health condition, it’s best to ask an instructor and learn what you can or can’t do. You’ll find classes at yoga studios or gyms. On the other hand, online classes can be a good way to keep up the practice once you have some experience in the actual classroom.

One of the most important things you should remember when starting a yoga practice is that it is important to build a habit. You will get success if you practice yoga regularly, so be patient and keep doing it.

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what do I need?

Regarding the equipment you need, we have good news: all you need is a mat! And usually in a yoga studio or gym, they give it to you. However, you can get away with it if you are uncomfortable using it. Most types of fitness clothing are fine for yoga, so choose clothes you feel comfortable in. We suggest you use a fitting top as otherwise it will fall on your face if you bend over.

You don’t need special shoes because yoga is done barefoot, but if you do want to wear socks you should wear socks that hold down to avoid slipping. And don’t forget to have a positive attitude and take a deep breath!

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