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We’ve all seen the amazing photos on social media, the stunning views and heard all the great adventure stories, so why not take advantage of it and join in the hiking!

hiking for beginners


hiking can be a great individual sports Or to do something in groups and offer so much more than just running on the flat, it’s a great way to get outside, digital detox and de-stress while burning some calories. Then there’s the good factor of running up that tough graft to eventually get to the top of whatever trail or mountain you’re on.

In terms of exercise you are running on all different types of surfaces, there can be rocks, dirt, mud, loose gravel, grass and anything else that mother nature can throw at you. The nature of these surfaces means that you will be using different stabilization muscles within the body, much more than walking on a road or sidewalk.

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Most trails will also include inclines that also involve different muscles than running on a flat surface. The natural constraints mean you’ll build better balance and a stronger core to move your legs in different directions. So overall hiking can give you a more effective overall workout.

So what do you need to start hiking??

First of all hiking is accessible to fully mobile people, so you don’t need much other than the basics.



The first thing to remember is that you’ll be running on very different surfaces than on grass or a road, so you need different shoes. All hiking shoes or trail running shoes have deep hard soles that help with grip when walking up or down on dirt and loose or wet rock. So don’t rock out with a pair of normal running shoes as they will make you more prone to accidents! And you’re in wet conditions so make sure they’re waterproof because there’s nothing worse than walking in wet feet.

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hiking for beginners


It really depends on your budget and most importantly Mother Nature when it comes to the rest of the gear you wear.

Stick with the advice “always be prepared”, as the climate at the top of the mountain will be very different from the conditions below. We recommend a few layers with a water and airtight outer covering, bring a warm hat and remember that you will be able to cover the bottom It’s going to be a lot hotter walking uphill than walking uphill.

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Food & Beverage

Depending on the length of your growth you should always bring in some form of sustenance. If your hike is more than 2 hours, pack a bottle of water and some food. And remember that even in cold conditions you will sweat going upstairs so stay rehydrated.

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things to note


hiking for beginners

As we said above the conditions at the bottom and top of a mountain can be quite different so be prepared. It can be a nice sunny and warm day at the start of your hike, so you’re probably thinking of shorts and a T-shirt. wrong.

The higher you go, the colder it gets and the heights and valleys can bring all kinds of evils like very strong winds and thick fog, so thick that you can’t see 20 yards in front of you. So always dress appropriately and bring a compass if you’re going on a hike that doesn’t have a designated trail.

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don’t jump over the deep end

If you’ve never been on a hike before, don’t start with a 20k trail with a 1000m incline! If you’re not used to hiking then take it slow and choose something easy to start with. You’ll be using different muscles running up and down dirt or loose rock, so keep that in mind and get a ‘hiking fit’ before going on a 4 hour+ trail.

And finally – enjoy it. This is not a race, so take your time and enjoy some of the best views nature can offer. Hiking is also a great opportunity to take a digital detox so turn off the phone but remember to take some pictures!

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