Boosting your immune system to avoid coronavirus

Boosting your immune system to avoid coronavirus


In the span of a few weeks, the corona virus or COVID-19, which is the correct medical term, has caused panic around the world, it is now classified as a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization and there is no vaccine. .

There is also no cure for COVID-19 and health companies and officials are a month away, so your own immune system is your best defense right now. Your immune system’s job is to protect you from germs and other evils that can infect you. Most of the time your natural immune system will protect you and fight against viruses etc, but sometimes it will not work and it can be due to many reasons.

These are some of the things that weaken your immune system – stress, getting older and already weakened from other conditions, taking medicines that suppress your immune system, or if you have a weak heart or lungs, you may be especially vulnerable. Will be vulnerable to Corona virus.

But the good news is that there are some things you can do to boost your immune system. let’s discuss:

What is corona virus and ways to avoid it


High Protein Nuts and Berries - Natural Sources

Healthy eating is important to keep the immune system strong. Get a good consistent diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, the immune cells in your body prefer healthy food and hate processed and fatty foods. Plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables will ensure that you are getting enough zinc and vitamin D and other important vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system. Taking a multi-vitamin supplement can also help.

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Exercise helps boost the immune system, but we have to be careful not to over-exercise as it can have the opposite effect and weaken your immune system. Try to exercise 30-60 minutes a day and you don’t come in contact with other people and germs, stay away from gym, outside is the best environment to try to be active. If playing sports, try these – individual sports In this time where social distancing is very important

keep calm

The stress hormone cortisol actually shuts down cells in your immune system and the more you panic and stress about what’s happening around the world with this virus, the more you can potentially Weakening your immune system. Reducing stress by going back to exercise, staying active, as well as engaging in activities that relax people, such as meditation. And remember that worrying too much about COVID-19 can actually make you more vulnerable to it.

Avoid heavy drinking/smoking

Heavy or excessive drinking destroys our immune cells, fact. Also smokers and people with respiratory illness have higher rates of serious illness and complications from the coronavirus.

get enough sleep

we can’t underestimate it Importance of sleep for mind and body. Luckily all of the above steps will promote good sleep patterns, so you are on the right track. Lack of sleep can reduce the disease-fighting ability of immune cells, making a tired body more vulnerable to infection. Poor sleep patterns can also alter dietary patterns – if you’re very tired all the time you’re probably less likely to prepare meals and more likely to try and eat convenient and less nutritious meals.

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Hope the above helps you to keep your immune system strong and avoid this virus, stay safe out there!

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