Best Food For Sports Performance

Best Food For Sports Performance


With so much information about nutrition, it’s hard to know what the best foods are for sports performance. For optimal performance, it’s important to keep your energy levels up and view your food as fuel. The key here is preparation; Plan healthy meals and snacks in advance to fit your training schedule.

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fuel your body for optimum performance

almondAn ideal snack to keep your energy up is a small handful raw unsalted crazy, like almonds or walnuts. These are really easy to take with you and can be eaten almost anywhere.

As well as being great for energy on the go nuts are a good source of protein, omega 3 fatty acids and fiber. If you don’t like nuts or have allergies or intolerances, seeds like pumpkin or sunflower also make great healthy snacks.

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chia seeds They are ideal pre-training fuel as they are full of antioxidants as well as omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. They are such a great energy source that the Aztecs ate them before going to war.

chia seedsComplement your training with healthy nutrient-rich meals to build your strength and stamina and help with recovery between sessions.

It is during this recovery, when you train, that the muscles become stronger as the small micro tears that occur as a normal part of training are repaired and, as a result, the muscles are strengthened.

You Are What You Eat – Ten Superfoods

Amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins, carry out this reconstruction. There are nine essential amino acids, which are considered essential because our bodies do not produce them so we need to get them from food. Eating a protein-rich meal after training is a great way to help with this process.

best food to eat for weight loss

black and white-quinoa-cerealQuinoa It is considered a complete protein, which means that it provides all nine of these essential amino acids in balanced proportions. It is also a truly versatile cereal that can literally be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

best post workout snacks

Your muscles may feel strained if you are progressing your training. One nutrient that can help with this is magnesium. Magnesium is essential for muscle contraction and relaxation. It is also an important mineral in the body’s energy production, so it is important that athletes get enough magnesium from their diet.

Have you ever wondered what the world’s top athletes eat? Check out their diet!

Pumpkin Seeds and Dark Leafy Greens Like kale, chard and spinach are great natural sources of magnesium.

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