Avoiding Cheating in Poker

Avoiding Cheating in Poker

How to Protect Yourself From Cheating in Poker

Poker is a game for the real men, who like strained situations and provocations. A game not only for entertaining, but also for earning real money, poker is very enticing for everyone. If you have ever tried to play poker, it surely will become your favourite way for spending your free time and relaxing.

As in every gambling game, in poker you will also be faced with cheating. There are a lot of people, who want to win with the help of deceit but if you want to become a really good player, you should learn how to avoid cheating.

In fact, if you play online poker, the number of people that don’t play fair is very little. This is because the dealer is not a real person, who can be bought over, but a program that just dials the cards. A good thing is that the participants don’t have Cheating in Online Poker: cards that can be marked or changed. The main threat to online gambling are the hackers.

If one of them tries to turn the odds in his favour, in most of the cases he will be able to do it. Unlike in real casinos and real poker rooms, where everyone of the players are strictly watched by cameras, in online gambling no one can follow you. Of course, those players who play from the same IP, on the same time and in the same poker room are checked. If they try to cheat, they are banner or warned or even kicked out of the room.

Online Poker Cheating System

In fact, there aren’t many forms of cheating online – two players sit down next to each other or talk on the phone, discussing the cards they are dealt and how to play them in order to overcome all the other players at the table. They play together in their desire at least of them to become the winner. Then the prize will be split between them. In the best online poker rooms, just like Party Poker, this is impossible, because the protection is very high. Unlike the online poker, when you play in a real casino or poker room you can see your opponents, the dealer and in this way you can estimate better poker tells reactions.

In online gambling there is another way to cheat your opponents. The so called ‘self-colluder’ cheater has two computers with two different Internet connections, and two identities. It means that if in the game there is player A and player B, they are played by one real person. Such cheater plays at two different tables in one poker room, but as the time for playing his hands is not enough for him, in most cases he is detected easily.

Poker Cheat Name

With the help of nowadays’ improved software, all online poker rooms try to strictly protect themselves of cheating. For example, if you enter an online poker room, the poker software will keep looking all your acts and try to detect your attempts to cheat the other players. Cheaters have more chances to succeed at the real 5 Ps of Poker rooms than online. It is easy to lie a real person and very hard to deceive a machine.

If you suspect that someone at Party Poker is cheating don’t hesitate to inform the room’s personnel. As in every other game, in poker the cheating is absolutely forbidden.

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