8 Reasons To Hop On Your Bike And Start Cycling

8 Reasons To Hop On Your Bike And Start Cycling


Inspired by the many athletes we’ve worked with over the years, Jim Gump—the man who ran 20,000 miles around America to get kids active and raise awareness about obesity—though it was time we decided to do the same. took responsibility to encourage people to be more active and healthy.

Robert Parker is the co-founder of the Cyclist Challenge. Robert’s cycling knowledge is second to none. We are glad that he has contributed a guest blogger for us, we hope his post inspires you to live a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy it!

8 reasons to get on your bike and start cycling

Over the years, there have been many reasons why humans have enjoyed riding a bicycle. Musician John Lennon claimed it made him happy, while former President George W Bush said it raised his heart rate and helped his mind to expand and relax. Others believe that riding a bicycle is the best way to experience, appreciate and preserve our beautiful world, while for others, it is the truest sport and one of the most effective forms of exercise. is. Regardless of your reasons, there is no denying that cycling has many physical, emotional and health benefits. Following are some of the benefits of riding a bike.

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it helps in weight loss

get-of-spin-bike-bicycle-outsideWatching mileage on your bike can also help you burn calories and lose weight. This is because cycling is a great cardiovascular exercise. The average person burns up to 500 calories in one hour of cycling. It is also a great way to expand the waist and reduce the increasing weight. Motorcycle Ride Helps bring your heart rate up to a pace that you can maintain for a reasonable amount of time. While cardio exercise is a great way to lose weight, many people find it exhausting and boring. Luckily, riding your bike outside can be a fun and exhilarating experience. Go up the hills and enjoy the views while cycling to lose weight. You won’t know where the time has gone.

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It’s so easy for your feet and joints

cyclingCycling is much easier on jogging or running joints. That’s because pedaling is a low-impact activity that gets your heart pumping and your legs moving without pounding your legs and joints. Unlike running, cycling engages your leg muscles without putting too much force on your knees. This makes cycling ideal for people who are recovering from a knee injury, as the motion of cycling is very fluid and does not cause any further pain or damage. It is also ideal for someone who is obese, as other types of exercise can be hard on their joints due to their weight. However, it is still advised to check with your doctor before cycling if you have ever had a knee injury.

Pushing the Pedal is an Aerobic Workout

That means cycling is good for your heart, your blood vessels, and your brain. Aerobic exercise, such as bike riding, helps release endorphins, which are chemicals that help you feel good about yourself.

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toning muscles

8903845_600x400Cycling helps build and tone the muscles in your body. During the power phase of the down-stroke or cycling, you tone the quadriceps in your thighs, the gluteus muscles in your buttocks, and the soleus and gastrocnemius muscles in your calves. During the up-stroke, you tone the flexor muscles in the front of your hips and the hamstrings at the back of your thighs. Upper body muscles also benefit from cycling, including your abdominal muscles, chest and shoulder muscles, arm muscles and your back muscles.

gives your brain a boost

banner_languedoc_cadenceAccording to a study from the University of Illinois, the cardio-respiratory fitness you gain from cycling can help build new cells in an area of ​​the brain called the hippocampus. This is an area of ​​the brain responsible for memory, which can deteriorate after a person reaches the age of 30. Cycling increases oxygen and blood flow to your brain, which helps with the regeneration of receptors. Therefore cycling is a great exercise for the prevention of Alzheimer’s.

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Helps to improve mental and emotional health

o-bike-winner-facebookCycling a few minutes every day can do wonders for your brain power and your emotional health. Cycling sharpens your mind, and helps you feel more energized and less tired. A 30-minute cycling session can improve creative thinking, memory and reaction time. In addition, medical experts recommend cycling to help relieve stress and reduce depression and anxiety.

It is a fast and efficient mode of transport

In very busy cities, the bicycle has become a legal form of transportation. For starters, it’s free for anyone who already has a bicycle. It does not emit greenhouse gases, making it safe for the environment. In places with a lot of traffic, a person riding a bicycle may actually work faster than a person in a car.

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You can ride a bicycle for the rest of your life

eca86bd9d543145699a70dEven if you’re very fit now, there are some activities, such as lifting weights, that get harder as you get older. However, cycling is one of those exercises that you can do even during your sunset years. This is because it is a low-impact sport that is good for people with age-related joint stiffness. A study from the Tour de France also suggests that cycling can help a person live longer.


Go pedaling to enjoy all the benefits of biking, especially if you want to burn calories and lose weight. Hoping on your bike every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes, can make a huge difference in how you think, feel and look.

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