5 tips to stay active while working from home

5 tips to stay active while working from home


For some people working from home is a dream, while for others it can be boring or demotivating. Whatever your side, there is one fact: Telecommunications can lead to a sedentary life. Most of the work is done sitting in one place and because you don’t even need to walk to get to your workplace, it is easy to be inactive for long periods.

Remote working is becoming increasingly popular due to the coronavirus pandemic. That’s why we are revisiting five strategies to stay active while working from home. Your physical and mental health needs to be active!

schedule your workout

You should find time to exercise and if you schedule it is better. You can promise yourself that you will exercise every day, but you will always find excuses to miss it. So the best way is to prioritize your workouts. Try different hours and routines, decide what suits you, and then schedule your own time to exercise.

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internal exercise

To make sure you really incorporate that into your workout routine, you probably need to know what types of exercises you can do without leaving the house. Online yoga/pilates classes can be a good option as it also helps you to relax. We use technology for everything today, why not use it for this too? For example, on Youtube, you can find many workouts for every level and intensity.

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In addition, you can do squats, jogging on the spot, planks, burpees, jumping jacks, push ups, dumbbell lifts (if you’re just starting out with strength training, you can use simple household items like water bottles or laundry detergent). can try).

get up every hour

When your concentration is at its peak, you may not realize that you are in the same position for hours. It is not good for your health, in particular, not for your back and neck. A clever solution is to set a timer to remind you to get up and running for a few minutes every hour. Taking breaks is very important.

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Change your position, have a healthy snack, walk up and down stairs, stretch your arms over your head, rotate your wrists and ankles, move your head from left to right, up and down, talk to a friend, Make a cup of tea… Your mind and body will be refreshed and your concentration power will be better for your next task!

take a walking conference call

If a phone call doesn’t require you to use your computer or webcam, you can take it on the go. Use that moment to stand up and walk and you will force yourself to take screen breaks. Moving causes more blood to flow, which helps with thinking, and also engages lymph nodes, which relaxes us. Researchers at Stanford University have discovered that walking increases creative inspiration, which is probably why you always feel full of ideas while walking.

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put on your workout clothes

Putting on your workout clothes and/or your sneakers in the morning will make you more likely to stand up and grab a glass of water, take a break for strength, go up and down stairs… it’s like you have to go. Ready for a walk or workout anytime. This is a tip for those who have trouble getting started and need the impulse.

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In short, it’s really important to have a daily routine for work and exercise to keep you active. But just a quick reminder: You need to set realistic goals to be able to follow through. If you’re setting unrealistic goals, you’ll be disappointed because you won’t. Take a look at what you’re planning, try it for a few days, and ask yourself if it’s possible and if you want to do it. If the answer is no… try something new!

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