10 Things You Didn’t Know About JimGump

10 Things You Didn’t Know About JimGump


On October 1, Gymgump began running 20,000 miles around America with the mission of inspiring a generation to be more active and healthier.

17191021_1269572186472994_3702231142243147342_nFast forward to March 2017 and Jim has run more than 4,000 miles, inspiring kids in the states of Alabama, Texas, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Florida and New York to name a few.

There is no doubt that Gymgump has an incredible character, and over time many people have stood up and noticed the wonderful things he is trying to achieve. However, despite his popularity, we do know a few things about Gymgump that you probably didn’t know!

1. Gymgump Is Actually Running 30,000 Miles

Contrary to popular belief, Jim is actually running 30,000 miles. While there are plans to run for 20,000 in the US, Jim actually ran 10,000 consecutive miles in the UK before setting foot on American soil. Plus, Jim has said that once he hits the 30,000-mile mark he can’t even stop – looks like we’re in an exciting two and a half years!

2. Gymgump Runs a Marathon of Less Than 3 Hours

At the 2016 London Marathon, Gymgump ran a sub-marathon of 3 hours. For those who aren’t familiar, a sub-three-hour marathon is the professional standard and equates to a pace of about 6.9 minutes per mile for each of the 26 miles.

3. Gymgump Has Asperger’s Syndrome

16472840_123877769552436_5628400332407899631_n(1)Jim’s Aspergers means, by his own admission, that he struggles socially. While he misses his daughter Hannah, Beyond the Family Jim’s focus is solely on spreading his message and mapping out the next few weeks of running.

His running nature means that as the project continues, Jim will be meeting and meeting many more people. That in itself is quite a test for the gym.

4. Jim’s favorite movie is Jaws

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the man on the run is partially inspired by the 1994 classic, Forrest Gump, he might only have one potential favorite movie, but you’re wrong. Jimgump’s favorite movie is actually Jaws. While Forrest Gump is in the top 10, Spielberg’s 1975 shark thriller snatches up the top spot.

5. Not good at asking for advice/help

1918930_970081253088757_226598143926362708_N (1)Because of his Asperger’s syndrome, Jim finds it difficult to ask for advice or help. Jim believes in this more than ever, but without your help, the JimGump project and the important difference it can make in the lives of countless people, would not be possible.

So, let us ask for your help on behalf of Jim, because he needs it now more than ever. You can support Jim here.

6. Gymgump Works All Day

You’d think that Jim’s life is dominated by making sure he runs his designated mile every day, but since arriving in America, Jim has balanced the project with work in England. US Because of the time difference between the UK and the UK, Jim can afford to maintain his job as a self-employed economist in the early morning hours before he leaves on his daily run in the afternoon or evening.

7. Average your run on 40k steps in a day

Gymgump averages about 40,000 steps in his daily run. To put that in context, a sedentary person averages 1,000–3,000 steps per day, while a mile averages about 2,000 steps. Yes, your math is right – Jim runs an average of 20-miles every day!

8. Jim’s Visa Almost Expired

During February and March 2017, Jim faced enormous pressure on his visa and whether it would be renewed. He arrived in October 2016 on a six-month tourist visa, which did not allow him to work in the US, but allowed him to travel freely from state to state. By March 12, thanks to the help of friends in Colorado, Jim was granted a six-month visa extension. The GymGump project continues!

9. Gymgump Needs Calories

17098514_1267068500056696_1180126894932781859_nAs you’d expect, an engine that drives an average of 20 miles per day requires fuel. The average daily caloric intake of the gym is 3,000 – 3,500. Jim has a small engine weighing just 10 stone before he starts on October 1, but still, he needs a decent loading of calories to support his daily efforts.

10. All Ready

wearing gym inov-8 His running shoes and running gear have been running throughout America to this day. In anticipation of hot road running, Jim brought a pair of RoadClaw 275s, which have plenty of cushioning to protect his knees from 40,000 daily steps.

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