10 Best Exercises For Weight Loss

10 Best Exercises For Weight Loss


upon us PledgeSports Take health and fitness seriously and practice what we preach. If you want to lose weight, then for this you have to do a lot of exercise. It won’t be the overnight success story that all the magic fitness marketers promise you. So no more “instant weight loss” products but more hard work instead. Below you can discover the best exercises to lose a few pounds with our list of best exercises for weight loss. Pleasure to exercise!

skipping a rope

Calorie Burn – 1,000+ Calorie/Hour

skipping a rope

It has always been one of the best exercises for weight loss, and it is the ultimate fat burner that will help boost your calorie production and help you lose weight. Ten minutes of jumping rope can be roughly equated to running an eight-minute mile. In addition, other benefits of the jump rope include a lower risk of injury than most other exercises and can be done at home. no more excuses.

it interactive health calculator Can help people create a plan to improve their diet, health and weight.

Tabata Training

Calorie Burn – 900+ Calorie/Hour


Tabata is a high-intensity workout protocol and has many fitness and weight loss benefits. It is a mix between CrossFit and circuit training. Like with interval training, you exercise for a longer period of time, then you can rest for 10 seconds and repeat this for a total of 8 times. (many variations of time etc.). This type of exercise is extremely beneficial for both your fitness and overall exercise for weight loss.

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Calorie Burn – 800+ Calorie/Hour


Burpee is a full body strength training exercise and the ultimate example of functional fitness. With each rep, you’ll work your arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings and abs. Exercise is a real fat burner. This is the best exercise for weight loss and not to mention that you don’t need any extra equipment to do the burpee!

best foods for weight loss


Calorie Burn – 800+ Calorie/Hour


Rovers are probably the most efficient exercise machines available out there. They give you a full body workout and help you burn a significant amount of calories. The more intense the rowing session, the more calories will be burned during that session. While eliminating that fat and burning calories, rowing can also increase your muscle strength and increase your endurance levels. A tremendous exercise if you can get your hands on the rowing machine. Well priced for it.

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Calorie Burn – 700+ Calorie/Hour


Running and jogging are the best ways for you to get out and lose weight. Some of the major benefits of running are like –

  • Boost your metabolic rate.
  • Increase your fitness level and stamina.
  • Help you reduce that unwanted body fat.

All you need is some running shoes and comfortable clothes and you can run like Forrest Gump all day. You can also add some additional running variations like running uphill. Uphill running is a cardio exercise so it provides the same benefits as any other cardio exercise, so you’ll lose weight and strengthen your heart and lungs as well.

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Calorie Burn – 550+ Calorie/Hour


Lunges are a high intensity exercise. The Health Status website estimates that a 150-pound person burns 275 calories during a 30-minute lunge workout. There are many variations of the lunge exercise, you can pick and choose which one suits you and all you can do is mix and match your workouts to avoid boredom. These are real leg killers!

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weight training

Calorie Burn – 400+ Calorie/Hour

weight training

image credit – PT Pioneer

You Can Burn Calories for 48 Hours After a Workout, How Good Does It Feel? You can burn calories while you are sleeping. that power weight training The body is incredible. Here are some of the main benefits from weight training (according to livestrong.com)

  • More muscle means more calories burned
  • Resistance training fights depression
  • Weightlifting fights osteoporosis
  • lower risk of diabetes
  • better heart health
  • better control of blood sugar
  • you will look better

Always remember that building muscle is the most efficient way to burn that fat. For women, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be heavy!

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Calorie Burn – 350+ Calorie/Hour


Yoga is used to improve overall health, heal aches and pains, and elevate mood. Regular yoga can provide many health benefits such as improving your flexibility and building muscle strength. Not only that, but it can also improve the health of your bones and provide a comfortable way to burn all those calories and burn that fat. Yoga is a great exercise and can be practiced right at your doorstep.

best exercise for fitness


Calorie Burn – 300+ Calorie/Hour


Dance is a fun way for you to burn calories and get those hips moving. There are so many different routines for you to choose from and this means that your chances of getting bored are significantly reduced. According to berkeley wellness.com, These are the benefits that dance can have on you –

  • Better balance and better mood
  • Dancing is good for heart health and weight control
  • low stress response
  • Increased socialization leads to greater happiness


Calorie Burn – 150+ Calorie/Hour


If you find jogging, dancing or running too intense for your body and joints, you can try hill walking! It can be a great way to get out of the house and socialize with your friends and is certainly a much safer way to burn off exercise. There is nothing better than losing weight. The goal, when you’re running, is to maintain a comfortable pace where talking is a little complicated but still doable, and you’ll see results in no time. It may be slow but it is still one of the best exercises for weight loss.

best sports to build muscle

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